Author Biography

SelfDr. Theresa Mamah is a Children’s Author, Storyteller, and Musician with the mission to help young readers across the globe create something beautiful out of a difficult experience. At the heart of her new children’s book, What the Baby Saw, is Dr. Mamah’s revelation of how one can face death, adoption, immigration, and uncertainty, all factors she confronted and overcame during her childhood.

Born from a Hungarian mother and Nigerian father, Dr. Mamah refined her skill of writing after hearing culturally rooted stories from her parents about their childhood, which were entrenched in faith and nobility. Her father, Dr. Matthew Okpoma Mamah obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and later became a politician and President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. Theresa’s mother, Judit Agota Mamah, a chemical engineer, philanthropist, music teacher, and the author of three children’s books, instilled the love of writing into her five children, particularly Theresa. With an innate and intrinsic love for storytelling cultivated by her parents, Theresa wrote her first song at the tender age of eight in Port Harcourt, Nigeria where she was raised and attended primary and secondary school. When Theresa was thirteen years old, her parents died in a tragic car accident in Benin, Nigeria leaving Theresa and her twin sister orphans. Theresa later immigrated to America and was adopted by her 21 year-old sister in Kansas City, Missouri at the age of thirteen and later Union Springs, New York where she attended boarding school.

Dr. Mamah writes with intimacy as she shares her passage through life determined to convey to children that relationships with your lost loved ones are not over when they die. The central tenet of Dr. Mamah’s message to young readers is, “No matter how hopeless you feel or how hard you think your life is, there’s always a way out.” Woven into her book is a deep notion of family, tradition and generational legacy, especially as it pertains to a child’s memory.

Dr. Mamah understands that giving back to others is paramount, and she is the Founder of JUMA Kids. JUMA Kids is named after her parents in the honor of their joint companies founded in the 1980’s, JUMA Global. JU-MA stands for “JUdith and MAtthew”. JUMA Kids was established with the mission to develop young storytellers and cultivate vibrant communities by connecting beginning artists with essential skills, information and services needed to construct beautiful stories out of their unique experiences. Dr. Mamah encourages children to realize that even at a young age their personal journeys can motivate others and that there is no age requirement to inspire.

When she is not writing or motivating young audiences, Dr. Theresa Mamah is a licensed Clinical Audiologist by day. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Adam.